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Nepal Experience

Why not combine volunteering with a trip to one of Nepal's most popular tourist attractions. Experience all those Nepal has to offer by choosing from Basecamp treks, jungle safaris, and cultural trips.....

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Volunteer in Nepal

Through a variety of projects, we aid in the growth of Nepali communities. Our initiatives target women, young people, and children. Providing these groups considerable responsibility will improve Nepal. We place volunteers in schools, women's or children's facilities, and monasteries in order to accomplish this purpose. In Kathmandu, Nepal...

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Internship in Nepal

Enhance your ability while helping others and sharing with other people by joining Nepal Volunteers. Students who seek to enhance their work experience in their particular field of study can choose from a number of internship possibilities in Nepal offered byNepal Volunteers......

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Are you interested in working in Nepal's remote or urban communities to empower women, educate children, build schools, work in health clinics directly, or teach in monasteries? Join us for a very rewarding and inspiring experience.

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Volunteer in Nepal

You will have an amazing time with us. Exchange of Nepali people, their language and culture, festivals, weddings, and visit small villages.

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Internship in Nepal

Fresher & Learners! -Take the challenge and learning by making mistakes and Learning by Doing then you can choose our Volunteer or Internship option for any role of your interest .

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Experience Nepal

Why not combine a volunteer placement with a trip into Nepal’s famous tourist areas. Choose from Basecamp treks, jungle safaris and cultural tours, and experience everything Nepal has to offer.

Nepali Language /Culture School

Altogether 122 language spoken and the 125 distinct cultures belonging to ethnic group  present in NepalLearning Nepali language and culture will make trip easier and decrease Communication gap between service provider .Engaging  in learning Nepali language ,native language ,different culture of Nepal increase  bondness.

OJT / Practicum/Fellowship

Lets Grow Together,Learn Together by sharing knowledge and learning by Doing , Learning  by Observation, Learning by Making Mistake,Learning by making Fun. Co-working and Practically involving counts much rather than Theoretical .

Summer Program

Change in season, change your usual routine, pack your bag, head toward Nepal. You will experience adventurous memories while experiencing Real Nepal . 

Why Sponsor a Family Farmer in Nepal

We believe in what Mahatma Gandhi Said - “ If You educate & empower the Mother of a Family Farmer with skill & Seed Money then The Mother can educate ,empower & feed the whole Family & the whole Community and finally its Impact will be on the whole Nation & the Whole World.”


  • Family farms occupy around 70-80% of farmland worldwide.
  • Women hold only 15%.
  • Family farmers are the agents of change we need to achieve Zero Hunger.
  • More than 90% of farms are run by an individual or a family who rely primarily on family labour.

Concept of Family Farming - Family Farming (including all family-based agricultural activities) is a means of organising agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production that is managed and operated by a family, and is predominantly reliant on the family labour of both women and men. The family and the farm are linked, co-evolve and combine economic, environmental, social and cultural functions.

With the launch of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028), FAO and IFAD reiterate our determination and commitment to support concerted actions to fulfil the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and to step up interventions for a healthy, resilient and sustainable food system.

DO YOUR BIT! BIG OR SMALL, EVERY BIT COUNTS! Let us put family farming at the centre to lead this transformation for this decade and beyond.

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About Nepal Volunteers, Agripreneurs’ EcoHomeStay & SAF Nepal

About Our Member Family HomeStay/ FarmStay

Why Choose Nepal Volunteers

At Nepal Volunteers, we have a successful way to keep our projects running. We are happy to be a sustainable, professional and local organization that takes good care of our projects, community and volunteers.

" Let us put family farming at the centre to lead this transformation for this decade and beyond."

Experienced Support

We have a great local support team that takes care of you 24 hours per day when needed.

Local & Sustainable

We are a local organization: We belive in self-Sustainable, Responsible, Resilience.

Preparation & Orientation is Key

We offer orientation upon arrival and train you to be a great volunteer. We help you to be familier first about our language and culture.

Fair & Affordable Fees

We are transparent in our fee system, have low overhead costs and still offer great service.

Home Away from Home

We have fun, loving and well-trained host families that you will spend your time with.

Protection & Safety Policies

We care for your safety and the safety of the people in our communities and projects.

What Our Volunteers Say?

Learn more about the experience of volunteering in Nepal with us through the testimonials of our past volunteers

Catlin, Italy

Internship with Nepal Volunteers Program was an opportunity for us to exchange ideas ,learning skills and ...

Shruti ,Sara– South India

Teaching skills to Nepalese local youths and learning Nepalese culture was a ....

Bob Coler – Canda

Volunteering placement by Nepal Volunteers was life long experiences & ever lasting opportunity for us ...

Ned Miller ,USA Chicago

Internship with Nepal Volunteers Program was an opportunity for us to exchange ideas , ...

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