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Our Projects and Programs – (Ongoing /In Progress & under Design & Development)

  1. UFC- Urban Family Farmers Cooperative, Chain of Home Stay & Organic Farm House all over Nepal. Urban Agriculture, Urban Family Farming UFC
  2. School of Agribusiness & Family Farming - SAF
  3. Aquaponics, Bio floc, Hydroponic, Aeroponics (ABHA Nepal)
  4. Heli-culture - Helix & Spirulina C. Hydroponics D. Rabbittry / Rabbit Farming
  5. Black Chicken, Quail, Guinea Fowl …. Poultry and Live Stock
  6. Pepino-mellon (Japanese Apple
  7. Maringa & Castor
  8. Red Panda Conservation & Research Center
  9. Dolphin Conservation & Research Center
  10. Human Resource Production - Agriculturist Training Center
  11. Homestay, Farm House & Research Center
  12. Meditation Yoga Center - Spiritual Tourism
  13. TV/Radio/Online TV Media Project
  14. Documentary /Photography/Videography/Film Making Project
  15. Hospitality & Event Management /Shopping Complex / Fish & Meat Mart / Aquaponics Palace / Café Restaurant /Coffee Shop, Resort /Farm House Project
  16. IT /Media & E-commerce /Social Media & Digital Marketing Project
  17. Innovation & Study & Research Center
  18. Volunteering /Internship / Fellowship / Research /Study program /Exchange Program
  19. Music/Dance /Instrument/ Instruction & Training
  20. Waiter/Cook/ Hospitality & Event Management Training Center/ OJT, Job Placement
  21. Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Agripreneurship, Mentorship, Fellowship, Scholarship
  22. Business Study, Business Plan, Product Design, Project Design, Promotion, Strategy Plan & SWOT Analysis
  23. Accounting /Financial Analysis /Auditing /CA - Charter Accounting/ Fund Management
  24. Documentation / Administration, Report Writing, Content Writing, Manual Handouts and book writing/ Research Methodology
  25. Animal Caring / Pet Animals, Life Science, Veterinarian
  26. Livestock, Poultry, Pig Keeping, Goat Keeping, Bee Keeping, Fish keeping, Rabbit Farming
  1. Handicraft, Leathercraft, Fashion Design, Sewing, Bamboo craft, Fiber handicraft,
  2. Technologies in Agriculture, Rural & Urban Farming
  3. Tourism Projects
  4. Red Panda Research Center
  5. Yoga /Meditation /Healing /Aerobic /Therapy ………
  6. Re-habitation Center g. Sports & Recreational Programs
  7. Marketing, Promotional, Publishing, Advertising, Digital Promotional Project
  8. Interior Design, Decoration, Archi-tech design
  9. Integrated Farm Design, Permaculture Farming
  10. Mobile / Laptop/ TV Repairing Center & Hardware
  11. Website Design /Logo Design / Flex Design / Banner Design / Graphic Design
  12. Software & Apps Development
  13. Teacher Training, Skill & Vocational Training
  14. Monastery Volunteering, Monastery Teaching & Learning Program
  15. Wild Lives & Natural Resources Conservation, Research & Study Program
  16. Women/Youths & Local Farmers Empowering & Capacity building Program
  17. Co-operatives /Microfinance Projects
  18. Library & School Project
  19. Teaching, School Management Program
  20. OJT / Internship, job placement Program
  21. Student Exchange Program
  22. Travel Tour Package / Homestay / Resort /Hotel / Hospitality Management
  23. Trekking / Hiking / Rafting / Adventurous / Mountaineering /
  24. Green Project / Forest Conservation / Plantation, Environmental & Climate Change
  25. Waste Management / Organic Composting / Recycling

Specialized Knowledge

Do you have a passion or unique talent not mentioned above? Then don't be afraid to get in touch with us directly to inquire about volunteer opportunities in Nepal. We have previously hired web designers, grant writers, business consultants, and marketers to support various organizations in Nepal.

MultiplePlacement in single trip

Additionally, we can combine several placements into a single trip. Do you want to work as a volunteer at both a hospital and a monastery? or the opportunity to visit both urban and rural Nepal? This is simple to arrange, but when you apply, please be specific.

Do you provide group placements as well?

Nepal Volunteer also provides programs for group volunteering. Do you want to travel to Nepal with your family, friends, classmates, or university? Visit our Group Volunteering Page for more information about what we can provide.

The locations of the placements

The placement sites range from tiny rainforest towns to quite isolated alpine villages. And from the busyness of Kathmandu to Pokhara's calm lakeside lifestyle. Look at our Locations Page for ideas if you aren't sure what program you want to participate in but know the location you want to be in.