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Should I bring extra money or supplies from home?
Most of our volunteers do fundraising through friends and family members before coming to volunteer in Nepal. They bring those funds with them and spend money where they volunteer. Some of the volunteers also bring clothes used or secondhand laptops ,mobiles,and other items. When choosing what to bring though, please remember how cheap things are in Nepal: a pair of socks is around 50 euro cent, a full badminton set 3 euro, warm winter clothes around 10 euro. A small amount of money can go a long way here.

Simple ideas for raising money:

  • Give yourself plenty of time so you can collect money and develop good ideas
  • Be clear on your placement so you can explain to people exactly what you are doing and why it is worthwhile
  • Make it easy for people to donate money online; Just Giving and Click and Pledge are both good websites
  • Contact EVERYONE you can think of. No matter how small the donation, it is all put to good use
Past volunteer’s ideas:
  • Organise a home cooked dinner and ask 15 or 20 euros per person. Profits go to Nepal Volunteers .
  • Run a Marathon or sponsored 10k
  • Long distance cycling trips
  • Write a column for a newspaper about your experiences
  • Sponsored neighbourhood car washes
  • At a wedding or anniversary ask guests to give money instead of gifts
  • Shave your hair off!

Possible fundraising ideas for schools, universities and companies:
Many groups raise money at home for a particular project they will be working on in Nepal. Raising money for a new project, and then being a part of building it is both rewarding and satisfying. Many groups hold events to raise the required funds such as concerts, plays or sports tournaments, at which they tell people about Nepal Volunteers and the work they will be doing.
Why not try:
  • A sponsored school event such as a play or concert
  • Renting out a bar for all your friends and charging a small entrance fee to raise funds
  • Hosting a pub quiz with occasional questions about Nepal
  • 5-a-side Football tournaments
  • Battle of the bands’