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Join us and make an impact: help bring about transformation in Nepal. As a charitable organisation, we are entirely reliant on the kindness and generosity of its volunteers and donors to fund its projects. We are tremendously thankful for those who have supported the organisation over the years, enabling Nepal Volunteers to make massive changes to the lives of thousands of underprivileged Family Farmers children ,youths and women in Nepal. We need motivated, passionate individuals to raise awareness and give a donation to our work. Nepal Volunteers is a locally founded (Fundraising Support) Nepali volunteering organisation. We have founded different projects and, with the help of volunteers, continue to run these:

  • Farmers Training School
  • Public Community Schools Improvement Program.
  • Women’s centres to provide vocational training and non-formal education
  • Sponsorship programs for needy children,Youths,women entrepreneurs & Family Farmers.
    EcoHomeStay Nepal ,School of Agribusiness & Family Farming. Community Based Tourism CBT Project . SAF IT School , School of Mentorship , SAF Agri Consultancy …
We run these projects by utilising part of the fees that we receive from our volunteers. Through our projects, we have been able to provide support to hundreds of underprivileged children and women,youth entrepreneurs ,and family Farmers .

To which project can I make a donation?
  • Women Centre ( Women Group ) / Family Farmers Group - Women have a difficult position in Nepal. They have less access to education and, in addition to caring for their children, often have to do a lot of work. In order to empower these women, the provision of education for these disadvantaged women is very important. We want to teach them more independence through education, support and training. Likewise ,Family Farmers & Youth Entrepreneurs are required seed money to start up their livelihood .Here are some examples of how your donation could be used:
Donation Purposes
50 To buy books for a woman in the literacy programs.
100 To buy a sewing machine for the training programs, or for a woman starting her own business
150 To pay rent for the women centre for a month.
150 To hire a teacher who teaches 30 underprivileged women for a month
250 To pay for a woman to take part in a 6 month tailoring training course
250 To pay for a woman to take part in a 6 month weaving training course
250 To buy a computer to run computer classes for the women
1000 To set up a nice library for the women
1000 A youth Entrepreneur can start up own family business for their survival income generating
1000 Seed Money for a Family Farmer to buy seeds, agricultural tools , supplies for running their Family Farming .