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Introduction to Agripreneurs’ Nepal Volunteers

Introduction - Nepal Volunteers Program -

Why not combine volunteering with a trip to one of Nepal's most popular tourist attractions. Experience all those Nepal has to offer by choosing from Basecamp treks, jungle safaris, and cultural trips.

Nepal is an awe-inspiringly gorgeous and diversified nation, encompassing the well-known Himalayan peaks and the Terai's low-lying plains. Along with speaking approximately 70 different languages or dialects and celebrating a large number of traditional festivals all year long, the Nepali people also foster a rich cultural diversity. The country has a highly rich and distinctive cultural history, which is something to be proud of. In addition to having low literacy rates, high rates of poverty, and a persisting gender gap, Nepal is an underdeveloped nation.In rural areas, the government frequently struggles to provide sufficient or acceptable health and education facilities, and those in urban areas are underfunded.

We heartily invite you to take part in a Nepal Volunteers tour and volunteer program in Nepal to see a glimpse of the country as it naturally is. Because it truly is a sensation of the heart coming through one's vision, words will never be able to portray the beauty and allure of the geographical and cultural scenery, as well as the warmth and generosity of the Nepali people.We are delighted to inform you that our tourism professionals have constantly worked in Nepal's tourist industry for more than 20 years as trekking and tour guides with in- depth knowledge of the nation's mountains, towns, and cultural sites. As a result of his leadership, we are able to provide you with top-notch treks and trips for a significantly lower price than you would pay if you made your reservations from outside. We have a package where you can volunteer and see Nepal's top tourist attractions if time is of the essence or you want to keep planning easy.

‘Nepal Volunteers - ’ is the Volunteering & Internship Program of Agripreneurs' Nepal ,SAF Nepal ,EcoHomeStay Nepal ,SAF Tech ,SAF Agri & UFC .Agripreneurs Nepal is an Umbrella & Group of Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Agriculturists, Farmers, Technologists, IT & Software Engineers, Agri-Engineers, Bio Technologists, Botanists, Chemists, Food Technologists, Animal Health Workers, Veterinarians, Public Health Workers, Doctors, Nurse, Environmentalists, Mentors, Teachers, Professor, Academicians, Researchers, Media Professionals, Journalists, Consultants, Trainers, Sportsmen, Film Makers, Multimedia Graphic Designers, Pet Doctors, Wild Lives Experts, Rural Development & Urban Planners, Innovators, Coop Leaders, Social Workers, Conservationist, Foresters, Arborist, Aqua-culturist, Organic Activists. We are idealists from various Parts of Nepal and we have come together under Agripreneurs' Nepal to achieve our common goal & objectives together. Agripreneurs Nepal is also known as “SAF (School of Agribusiness & Urban Family Farming)” as well as UFC (Urban Family Farmers) & Eco Homestay Nepal. SAF, UFC, SAF Agri solution, SAF Agri Tech, SAF Tech, and EcoHomeStay Nepal all are projects of Agripreneurs' Nepal.

Our Mission - “Cleaner, Greener, Digital, Sustainable & More Organic Nepal”